For artists

enter.art for visual art & enter.audio for music NFTs!

Create and sell NFTs

When selling your content as NFTs on enter, all transactions are stored transparently and immutably on the blockchain.

Show your work to a new audience

Artists & musicians can showcase their work in the Gallery, and connect to collectors and investors in the enter community.

Receive royalties

Receive up to 20% royalties on all resales of your work indefinetly!


Add collaboraters to receive parts of the payment and have the NFT show up on both your profiles!

Multiple currencies

List NFTs for sale in the currencies $NFTART, $BNB or $BUSD.

Meet other artists

Join more than 1500 other artists in the new era of music and art!
Get promoted in our social media. We do interviews, collaborations and highlights to showcase artists in various ways. Featured artists and ambassadors can get support from enter to realize their ideas, visions and projects in collaboration with or sponsored by enter.