Welcome to the Enterverse

What is Enter?
Enter (Project launched Q1 2021) is an ecosystem of marketplaces and creative tools that helps artists, brands and businesses enter the blockchain world and create for the metaverse in a seamless and safe way.
With enter, it doesn't matter if you're a beginner at the start of your career, an established independent artist, or a famous band / brand / influencer. Enter has customised solutions for all these usecases, allowing you to create your own universe of NFTs, engage with one of the most active NFT-communities, create your own community and be creative on the blockchain in the way that suits you best. In addition, our platforms minimize the environmental impact, feature super-low gas fees, and simplify the complicated technology of NFTs to make it so accessible that anyone can use it.


Blockchain and NFTs provide an opportunity for the world of art, music and gaming to pause and consider the way business has always been done. By cutting out the middleman and providing transparency and ease of access to art, music and game assets, we envision a world where creators take back control of their content and connect directly with collectors.


Our mission is to deliver groundbreaking NFT marketplaces and tools, and facilitate cooperation between creators, collectors and investors; thereby giving creators what they need to be truly independent and in the driver's seat of their creative content.