• Email Notifications
  • Private sale/gifting to wallet addresses that have not connected to enter
  • Added option to direct message any enter user
  • Added NSFW system with image blur for explicit content
  • Possibility to hide/show the audio player on enter.audio
  • Enable Private sales/gifting for multi minted NFTs
  • Add search on enter.audio
  • Added a BNB faucet where new artists can get enough BNB to get started minting their first NFTs
  • Added a new category on the blog that displays all articles sorted chronologically
  • Added possibility to use Cyrillics on enter
  • Added curator role with access to the featured NFTs section on enter
  • Changed some of the wording inside of modals on the enter platforms
  • [Bug] Fixed issue where some users were unable to settle auctions listed in BNB
  • [Bug] Fixed issue where some profiles displayed the wrong amount of likes
  • [Bug] Subtract the amount of burned NFTs from the displayed total supply
  • [Bug] Fixed a bug that made empty genres on enter.audio invisible in dark mode
  • [Bug] Incorrect minimum bid in BNB currency bid when outbid at auction
  • [Bug] Fixed a bug where the collected NFT counter would display incorrect numbers on some user profiles
  • [Bug] Fixed a bug with character encoding in NFT titles in the mobile version of search
  • [Bug] Fixed a bug with NFT placement on the "owned" page after purchasing
  • [Bug] Audiobar overlaps the "Add to Playlist" window
  • [Bug] Place a bid" button is disabled after changing a nonvalid value for valid
21.03.2022 - Added sorting for notifications - Added categories on enter.blog - Added search function on enter.blog - Added drag & drop functionality to the player on enter.audio - Fixed layout bug on mobile devices - Fixed issue with burning multi-edition NFTs - Added fix to avoid user errors when adding NFT collaborators - Change status from “not for sale” to “Send offer” on unlisted NFTs - Added fix so all burned NFTs are removed from the gallery - Fixed error when saving social networks in user profiles - Fixed $NFTART listing issues
-Burn NFT function for creators
-Singles & Albums sections on enter.audio
-Multi-minted NFTs in the ‘recent sales’ section on enter.art and enter.audio
-Limited track duration on enter.audio, full track only available upon NFT purchase
-Creators can now always display their NFTs in collections, even when the NFTs are sold.
-Both creators and collectors can now move the collections up and down to showcase them in their preferred order.
-Added report button on NFTs - connected to enter.help
14.02.2022 - Removed token lockup for NFT auctions with more than 5% royalties.
-Broken social media links on profiles fixed.
-Missing currencies fixed.
-Added collectors to search functionality on enter.art & enter.audio -Added possibility to download transactions on both platforms in CSV on enter.art & enter.audio
-Date format change
-Messaging system: Add timestamp to messages & send message by clicking return key
-Display Launchpad Artists on enter.audio genre pages
-Bugged NFT lisings in $BUSD fixed
- enter market planning and development started. - Added scroll and other fixes to the collection manager.
-Redesign of collection manager started.
- Working on applying fix to BUSD issues.
- Optimizing the platforms and developing new features.
- Redesign of enter.audio artist profiles ongoing.
-enter market reveal
-Missing transaction history fixed
30.12.2021 - Add new tab into profile page - Collaborations Separate created tab into two tabs, created and collaborations. The created tab includes NFTs which were created by you. The collaborations tab includes NFTs which were created by others than you, but your wallet has been set as a collaborator.
- New NFT action - Remove from profile
Add a new NFT action to dropdown for collaborations/split NFTs: "Remove from profile." The function does almost the same thing as the "hide" function but with the difference that the "remove from profile" option will hide the NFT only from one of the collaborator's profiles. This enables artists to remove unwanted royalty splits from being visible on their profiles. - Implemented new logic so both multimint and single minted NFTs are removed from collections after they are sold. In the past only single edition NFTs disappeared from collections after they were sold. - Show hidden NFTs inside of collections if you are the creator or owner If an NFT was hidden it would not be visible inside of a collection even for its creator or owner. Now they are. - Fixed incorrect page title for enter.audio. - Slightly rebuilt the create listing page.